Living in Saigon, as a fan of shrimp and shrimp bean noodles, have you ever tried these 2 famous restaurants?

By | November 6, 2023

If you are a big fan of the attractive bean vermicelli noodles from Hanoi, then you should save the names of the restaurant specializing in this dish and be favored by many customers.

1. Homemade bean noodles

The restaurant offers a cozy, rustic but no less professional cuisine in the service style

Because the owner is originally from Hanoi, you can be assured of the taste of the bean vermicelli noodles here. From sour rolls, fried beans, boiled meat to shrimp sauce, all are processed according to the original taste of the North. Therefore, most diners judge that the food here is the best taste of the shrimp sauce with shrimp sauce.

In addition to bean vermicelli, this restaurant
also serves many other dishes representing Ha noi cuisine such as
stuffed snails, spring rolls, spring rolls, … making your meal more
diverse and richer.

2. Cau Go bean noodle

The diner with a rustic décor, serving only one dish, is shrimp and shrimp sauce noodles. The special thing is everything here is right, processed according to traditional recipe or even some ingredients imported from Hanoi. So this place will help you experience the original taste of this dish. 

main ingredients for “vermicelli noodle soup” or also known as mixed
here include vermicelli leaves, crispy fried beans, spring rolls, bacon
and indispensable cup of rich shrimp sauce.


Any diners who once enjoy must admire the crispy aromatic, soft of fried crispy young beans. Grilled spring rolls, tough and passionate.
More specifically with the unique shrimp sauce recipe, the ball will
feel the full salty, aromatic nose of the cup of sauce mixed with the
sourness of the octopus and the sweetness of the sugar balance.

Overall, compared to the famous bean vermicelli shops, the price here is also quite comfortable at 55k / share for one person. Vermicelli here is considered by many customers to be delicious, of right quality and clean. 


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