Indispensable items for people with car sickness

By | January 11, 2021


1. Fresh ginger – an effective remedy for motion sickness

The easiest way to use fresh ginger is to take a sip when you start to feel the signs of motion sickness. If you want to “far room”, you can drink ginger tea about 1 hour before departure to reduce symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, dizziness when riding the train. Ginger tea not only helps you to be more alert, but also reduces stomach pain, improves health very effectively.




2. Lemon, orange, tangerine

Few people know that sucking on the peel of fresh lemon can reduce symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and nausea when traveling by train. If you are afraid of bitterness, you can use orange peels and tangerines instead. Note that you should only suck the skin, absolutely do not eat sour fruits, high acidity before boarding the train, because the acidic nature of oranges and lemons will cause a feeling of hangover and damage your stomach. there.


3. Bread

When eating bread, the pancreas secretes trypsin, an enzyme metabolized with amino acids that effectively calms the nerves. If you do not want to eat, smell a piece of bread to help reduce the smell of the car, reduce the feeling of motion sickness.



4. Water – a simple yet effective way to reduce motion sickness

Did you know that drinking about a liter of warm water before you get in the car will reduce nausea? The story sounds like a joke but it’s real! If you get car sick and there is not a single useful food in your house, try this simple way.



5. Soy milk

If you feel uncomfortable before getting in the car, drink soy milk. This milk dish will help you relax your stomach, reduce the feeling of dizziness and dizziness. In addition, soy milk is also low in calories, but rich in fiber, extremely nutritious for health. 


6. Biscuits

Biscuits or dry foods help reduce the amount of saliva and gastric juice, thereby reducing nausea and discomfort. For a travel by train, have a bag of cookies ready to savor along the way. Choose your favorite flavor and avoid special flavors like spicy, onion, garlic … as they can make symptoms of car sickness worse.



The next time you travel by train, be sure to remember at least 1 of these 6 effective ways to reduce motion sickness! The natural prevention of car sickness will keep you healthy throughout the whole trip, ensuring energy to be active and much more energetic!

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