Visit the 30-year-old crab vermicelli shop near Hanoi Old

By | November 5, 2020

 Quan Huyen Thu opened in 1986, nearly 30 years old, famous for its crab vermicelli dish that many people enjoy and know.

Located on Quang Trung Street, but this crab vermicelli shop has a rather modest facade. The old glass case is at the door of the shop, so that visitors can order things before choosing a place, although convenient, the closet covers most of the aisle. If you do not pay attention, it is easy for visitors to ignore this address.

Crab and snail vermicelli costs 50,000 VND per bowl.

The menu has up to 9 dishes with crab, beef, spring rolls … but the bowl of vermicelli that many people have to try is vermicelli. Do not use yellow snails like many other places, the shop only uses stuffed snails. The large, round, shiny screws that have been preliminarily processed to remove the oil and sediment will be cut into pieces to fit the mouth.

A bowl of vermicelli with about 6-7 snails, filled with crab broth, served with chopped raw vegetables. In addition to the addictive crunchy texture of the snail meat, the broth of the restaurant is also appreciated, although it does not have the usual deep red color. The water is sweet and fatty from the crab stick and the sour taste of vinegar suddenly wakes up.

Crab rice noodle bowl is priced at 35,000 VND.

Having taken the time to come here, few people ignore the opportunity to enjoy both crab beef crab or crab cow – snail, the price from 45,000 to 65,000 VND. However, the most expensive vermicelli bowl here is the crab barrel with the beef and sausage core, which costs 70,000 VND. If you want to feel the taste of crab, you can order a basic bowl of vermicelli for 25,000 VND, without fried tofu.

Although the front of the restaurant is small, the inside is wide and clean, including 10 sets of plastic tables and chairs. Coming in the early morning, when not crowded, diners can enjoy breakfast while listening to birdsong.

The ingredients are displayed in a glass cabinet in front of the entrance so that guests can observe.

Ms. Huyen, the owner, said that the recipe for making vermicelli is made by herself, learning and creating, adjusted based on the opinions of customers. Previously, the shop was just a sidewalk, but the price was up to 50,000 VND and only sold in the morning. Due to the large number of customers, great demand, the shop sells more at noon, until 2:00 p.m. is off. The owner and staff here are considered friendly by the guests, but the time of crowded is also difficult to cover, so many people are still not satisfied.

One point that many people do not like is the restaurant uses MSG. Therefore, if you cannot eat you should tell the owner from the beginning.

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