Vietnam is one of those places where you can plan your whole trip around delicious eats. Not only are the country’s many dishes a treat for your palate, eating local food is one of the best ways to get to know Vietnamese culture and people. Dedicated foodies who go beyond famous eats like phở and bánh mì will find each regional dish is a unique combination of local ingredients, preferences and influences. Here’s a quick guide to a gastronomic adventure around Vietnam.gastronomic adventure around Vietnam.

Street food heaven

Food from the North tends to have mild flavours and highlights the natural taste of ingredients, and served with lots of herbs and condiments. Don’t be intimidated by the options that come with your phở. Fresh chillies, limes, and vinegar garlic are all here to help. Before adding anything though, take a sip of the pure bone broth flavoured with star anise, cardamom, and cinnamon. It’s a way to show your respect to the cook, and appreciate the finesse of Northern Vietnamese cuisine. 

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